Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sunshine on the Leith

I love my cats as much as the next person feels about their pet, but this is ridiculous. The owners of that Black Lab are spending more on their dog than I am officially on my Mom! (Actually, it's probably about equal, but still.)

Last Thursday I called up Absopure to schedule a delivery of water. The woman told me, "Tuesday." I was fine with that as I figured I'd run out of water on Monday. I did. I put out the four empties before I left for work yesterday and when I got home they were still there. I didn't think anything of it as I do get home earlier than most people. At 6:00 p.m. they were still sitting there. I just called. At first the woman said there was no such delivery scheduled. I repeated what occurred on Thursday and then she saw it. She's putting me down for a special delivery – which will take 1-3 days. I'm sorry, but that's not very special in my book. I have NO WATER, people!!! Thankfully, Schneider and Ursa also get Absopure deliveries, so maybe they could spot me a bottle until mine show up.

What is it with these men who think huge sideburns are attractive? This one guy here has these 2-3" wide sideburns that go all the way to his jawline and aren't exactly trimmed neatly. Kind of like these but picture them much bushier. Yesterday he walked by my desk wearing a Daniel Boone hat. This is, in my opinion, not a good look to begin with, but then combined with his sideburns? Dear heavens, he was lucky I didn't burst out laughing or have a WTF? look on my face. There's another guy here whose beard has migrated onto his cheeks…it's hard to describe and haven't been able to find a picture on-line. It's like he combined his beard with his sideburns, but shaved the upper sideburns and ends about halfway along his jawline, so it's not a full beard, but it's not a goatee/Van Dyke either. And again they're very bushy and it's like he combs them to stick out. I do not understand.

Happy 2nd day of winter! Today we will get more sunlight than we did yesterday! Life is good. We are heading toward summer!

Today may be my last update until the New Year. Tomorrow is a short day (supposedly), Yay! And then I have all next week off which should be quite lovely. I plan on sleeping in every single day possible. And not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary.

Anyway, I find that I'm quite disinclined to go anywhere near my computer when I’m home. Too much to do otherwise. Even if it's just sitting on my couch and watching my Netflix DVDs. So, updates will probably not be happening next week. And you'll all be very thankful as I don't have anything exciting (except for a trip to the Lansing yarn store) planned.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year!


At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Anonymous Smed said...

Well, you're gonna miss my plethora of entries then. Because the music never stops! I'm not a big sideburn fan either, but I would love to see someone grow a nice pair of Chester A. Arthur muttonchops now - because that would takes some stones.

At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Blogger Erica said...

Enjoy your time off, Kathleen - will miss your posts! And Merry Christmas :-)

At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

Have a great Christmas!!!

At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Blogger Jason said...

We have the big Absopure bottles at the store (for water coolers). If that's the type you need you can get them at Merchant's, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to lug it to your top-floor apartment. We used to have a water cooler in our kitchen- it rocked!

Pets are more deserving of gifts than most of the humans that I know.

Perhaps I should reexamine my facial hair.

Enjoy your time off! I'm looking forward to my one day off (Christmas day) even if I do have to spend it with family.

At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Blogger Kathleen said...

Jason - I don't remember yours as being particularly noteworthy - just don't buy a Daniel Boone hat.

At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Anonymous smash said...

Hey Kathleen, thanks for your comment, hehe. My uncle is just a bit of a snob, I guess. I don't bear any malice to the dude. There seriously isn't anything majorly bad I've done as far as I'm, aware other than the fact I swear a lot (though i try to tone it down when I'm there LOL) and the fact that I don't "look" like one of his family should, LOL. But you know, I'll just get drunk and gatecrash anyways, if I'm in the mood, LOL. And yeah, i guess re the chezza situation it's not bad, I just don't like people to think I'm using them, you know? Finally, a merry christmas to you and yours *hugz* smashxxx

At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Blogger mr. schprock said...

Gee, I was so excited about my mutton chops and now I don't feel so good about myself anymore. (sniff)

Oh, well — off they go! Have a great holiday, Kathleen! Enjoy those DVDs!


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