Thursday, July 28, 2005

Shoulder Pain

I'm exceptionally bored today. Not bored enough to file, but bored nonetheless. The long-ass e-mail I expected has not arrived, so I don't even have that to do. And very few people have updated their diaries/blogs this morning, so there's not even that to stimulate my brain.

I did something to my shoulder either last night or this morning, because I can't lift my right arm w/o being in pain (thankfully a very different sort of pain than my herniated disc). And when it's the right arm and you're right-handed, it's kind of a not so small issue. The weird thing is that I can twist my right arm behind my back, like some wrestling move, and that doesn't hurt at all. But try to lift it two inches in front of me and it makes me contemplate a pain killer or two. Just swinging my arm while walking was painful. How stupid is that! I had my Target brand Icy Hot with me (since my arthritic right knee had been bothering me), so I put that on. I don't think it helped, but the smell of wintergreen is pleasant. I think I've found my new perfume!!! Hmm, it hurts if I put my arm out to the side too – weird. And of course, YS got on a plane this morning to visit a friend in DC, so what good does her doctorate in Physical Therapy do me now???? I'm picking her up Tuesday at the airport, so if it's still bothering me, I'll have her check it out. Of course, if it still hurts by then, I might have to see a doctor before that. That's five days away!!!

Shit, my life is so boring, I might have to file.


At Thursday, 28 July, 2005, Blogger Collin said...

I updated. But not really "this morning".

Sounds like you've pinched a nerve. They hate that. You shouldn't do it. I hope it feels better for you soon.

At Thursday, 28 July, 2005, Blogger Collin said...

Then again, maybe you didn't pinch a nerve. Forget I said you might have. I'm not a doctor. Your nerves are probably just peachy. Please don't sue me.


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