Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The weekend in review

I had a good weekend. I did very little in the apartment (and it shows), although I did do a thousand loads of laundry on Friday. Friday night I had tickets to the DSO (third in a row) and I took my friend's nine-year-old son. There aren't many 9-year-olds I'd take to the symphony. In fact, I think that he's pretty much the only one I would take. He was very excited about it, especially as we were going to get to listen to Mozart pieces and I think his father ODd him on Mozart. The first piece was four minutes long (Overture to the Marriage of Figaro – also the music played by Willie Wonka to open the door to get into the room with the chocolate river – you know the piece that Mike Teevee's Mom said was Rachmaninoff – now you know). The second one was Mozart's Violin Concerto #5 which is beautiful but a little long and not that interesting for a 9-year-old. He got a little fidgety during the 35 minutes of straight strings. Hell, I'm sure I yawned a few times and I'm an adult. After the intermission, the DSO launched into Korngold's Symphony in F-sharp. I had told my cute date that this piece of music was going to be more interesting to watch as it was written in the 20th century and from the time period when they liked lots of cool percussion: cymbals, xylophones (do they have a special name when in an orchestra?), gong, triangle, timpani, big bass drum, etc. When it ended, we both stood up and applauded wildly, but my date went one step further and let out an enthusiastic yell of approval. Very cool to have a 9-year-old appreciate classical music so much, especially after watching so many adults walk out between movements. The woman behind us kept yelling Bravo, so it's nice to know that there are people out there who appreciate slightly more modern classical music.

Saturday I went to Target to find a filter for my kitchen faucet. I do not drink the water from those old pipes w/o a filter, but I couldn't find one that fit my faucet. ARGH!! I was also looking for a kitchen rug, as I had thrown out the one I had downstairs, but couldn't find anything that said, "Me! I'm what you want." So, I did the rare thing of leaving Target w/o spending any money! How often does that happen????

Julie called me while I was at Target to see if I still wanted to go to the Lansing yarn store. I definitely did and so I went and got gas and then picked her up and started our 100 mile trek (one-way) to the most overwhelming yarn store you have ever seen. I needed a poncho pattern and yarn for my YS (younger sister). Her b-day was only a month ago, but why rush into anything! Matt showed me a great poncho but then couldn't find the pattern, so he's going to mail it to me. She wants a black one which is less then thrilling, so we had to find a pattern that was interesting on its own. I also bought yarn for this shawl that Matt had designed but you couldn't buy the pattern, it was free if you bought the yarn there. It wasn't cheap, but I have been eyeing that shawl for the past seven months and I finally went for it. Now to find the time to do it, along with YS's poncho and the cousin's baby blanket, etc. So much to do, so little time, especially when you consider the state of my just moved-into apartment!!!

Last night I figured out (I think) the stressor that caused my shingles. Maybe…I think I mentioned the day that I ran into the ex-boyfriend's brother at the gym, right? I'm wondering if I were so stressed about hearing from the ex-boyfriend that I internalised it all and voila, shingles! It's either that or the weakened immune system from the bronchitis or a combination thereof. Of course, YS thinks that the sun is also a trigger, but I haven't found that listed anywhere else.

Saturday night was Knitting Club night and was an enjoyable evening as usual. I wasn't knitting well though and I think I messed up everything I worked on that night. Pathetic.

Sunday was Mass where Fr. O was on a tear and then I got my hair cut which was so long it was scary. I was hating it!!! Now it's nice and short again and I'm a much happier camper. Sunday evening I took Jason and Brian out to dinner to thank them for helping me move two weeks ago. I took them to the Traffic Jam & Snug and it was yummy as usual. I had their own brewed 40th anniversary pale ale and it was wonderful. Brian and Jason both got the stout and somehow I never got a taste. DARN!!! Brian and Jason both got the famous Carlota Chocolate dessert while I indulged in a Boston Cooler, even though I was stuffed to the gills from my black bean nachos. All in all, it was a good weekend.

And last night I got my returned to form fat ass back to the gym where I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the elliptical and another 7 minutes on the stairmaster. I thought that maybe doing a full 90 minutes of cardio my first day back might be a bit much, so I backed off. My plan is to be back there again today doing at least another 60 minutes. I need to re-lose the 8 pounds and an additional 15…and I am determined. I so hope the shingles stays at this level which is feasible, although it would be nice if it just went away all together.



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