Friday, November 10, 2006

Beers, Steers & Queers

I have decided that November is my favorite month this year – essentially because I have so much freaking time off from work – what can I say, I'm fairly shallow. I had Tuesday off to go vote (I think it should be a national holiday like in 3rd world countries since people wouldn't have that convenient excuse for not voting), I have this coming Monday off for Veterans Day (or as it's more commonly called Hunting Day – first day of hunting season is the 14th this year, but that would be too too obvious), and then there's the two days for Thanksgiving which is three days for me, because I take that Wednesday off to do my cooking. After that vacation day I have two left for the remainder of the year. I was thinking about taking the last two days before Christmas week kicks in, but since EVERYBODY takes those days off, it's kind of stupid to waste them like that. So, I'm now figuring on the 15th and 18th of December to give myself a four day weekend before Christmas starts up. With my luck, the OS will decide to have Cookie Day that Friday and I'll be pissed. God, I hate Cookie Day, particularly because the OS took it upon herself 20 years ago to make the Christmas cookies, but then got ticked because nobody helped her (she didn't actually ask) and now it's mandatory that I spend a day at her house making cookies nobody needs.

We have these traditional German sugar cookies which are just hideous, but since we've always had them, we have to make them. They suck to make and they're not the tasty of cookies – they're edible, but given my druthers you can bet big bucks that I'll be eyeing the Peanut Butter Blossoms instead. God, I dread Cookie Day. An entire day that could be spent knitting Christmas presents will be lost.

Tonight I have symphony tickets and I'm going with Ursa. The concert should be fabulous as Maestro Jarvi is conducting (and we all know how much I *LOVE* him) Rossini's William Tell Overture (Theme to the Lone Ranger), something by Lalo (no clue) and then Shostakovich's Symphony #15 which samples the William Tell Overture in the first movement. I absolutely love Shostakovich, especially his symphonies, so although my two cousins bailed on me, I was bound and determined to find someone to go with me. I had thought of a couple of people, but then realised it's been a long time since I've dragged Ursa with me, so I asked her and she said, Yes. It was so easy!

Since I'm a cow who gains fat while ellipticalling a full hour five days a week, I'm not even going to suggest that we hit TJ's after the symphony for dessert. Of course, I should since being good isn't helping. I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and that's where I found out I had gained all three pounds I lost last year (after exercising 2 hours every day for a good portion of the year) and gained an additional five. Yeah, I was pissed. Everybody says, "Oh, you just gained muscle." Nope, I know what muscle is and I know that my pants are once again fitting a little too snugly. It's just so frustrating. I talked to my doctor and he gave mea prescription for Meridia, but then my pharmacist said my insurance doesn't cover it and at over $100 a bottle, I decided I'll just be fat.

Other than the concert tonight, my only other plans are a party tomorrow night at The Mexillents and then over to my friend Jim's house on Sunday to watch the last Champ Car race of the season. And then Monday I knit and vege. The craft show I'm sending my scarves to is next Thursday, so it's my final big push. I also need to get to Staples and find little tags with string for pricing information. I hope I sell lots. It not, I guess I'll sign up for my church's craft show which they finally announced this past weekend.

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At Friday, 10 November, 2006, Blogger LL said...

I hate to tell you this my dear, but...

I believe your diet is the main factor. As someone once told me, if you want to get fat, look at what fat animals eat. If you want to be skinny, look at what skinny or lean animals eat.

Cattle get fat on vegetables and greens. However, most carnivores stay skinny on herbivores...

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

LL - So, I can only eat steamed vegetables for the rest of my life? Egads.

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger LL said...

You can eat whatever you choose, but you must realize what the outcome will be.

Steak = skinny
Corn/wheat/oats/etc. = fat


At Monday, 13 November, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

Kathleen, I laughed hysterically over the Meridia and the cost then just being fat. I so get that, it really tickled my funny bone.

At Tuesday, 14 November, 2006, Blogger Ben O. said...

I'm assuming by the lack of new content, that you are still in line voting (it's a week later as I type this.)


Ben O.


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