Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Letter To Both Sides

Looks like I'm being a once a week updater which is a tad lame. I didn't watch a single movie last week. Hmm, I just noticed that blogger says I posted last week's post on Tuesday but that is not true. I posted on Wednesday. And I can't find how to change that and I know I used to be able to change the date and time of posts. Anybody have a clue?

Wednesday and Thursday I walked up to the pharmacy (that was my excuse for not going to the gym) to get my prescriptions. The antibiotic my doctor gave me on Tuesday made me so sick it wasn't even funny and by the time he called me back and called in the new prescription I had already walked to the pharmacy for the ointment that I was unable to get the day before. I went to my pharmacy three days in a row last week. I have to remember that Augmentin and I do not get along, as I got sick the last time I took it over two years ago.

Reading was my couch potato activity of choice last week. I'm working my way through the oeuvre of Thomas Perry. Well, as much as I can. One of his books, Island which is out of print and is going for upwards of $19. In fact, I think I saw one at alibris.comfor over $100!!!! I want to read it, but not that badly!!! And I'm not spending $19 on a paperback.

I was unable to find anybody to attend the symphony with me, nor could I find anybody else who wanted the tickets. I had made up my mind to go by myself, but then I reviewed the upcoming weekend in my head and realised that I was going to have ZERO time to myself, so I stayed home and read my book (another Thomas Perry) and talked to a friend for over 2 hours. It was literally the only time I had at home for the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday I was meeting YS, Mom and Aunts for sushi. We had decided on 1:30 which was going to give me some time at home. Then I got the phone calls saying they changed it to 1:00. Now I live the furthest from our sushi restaurant, so as soon as I was done getting ready (and packing up my clothes for the dinner dance) I had to bail. I was fifteen minutes early and my family was late, of course. And even though they know I'm the on-time member of the family nobody felt the need to tell me how many people were coming. I took a guess at six and was off by four, which meant the poor restaurant people had to set up two tables. Oh yeah, and they were all late and we didn't even get seated at the ten-top until 1:30. I was pleased.

After lunch I had to drive YS to my friend's house who (the friend, not the house) does our hair (cut and color). YS is living out of state and flew in for the weekend. I ended up hating the clothes I brought with me and went through Pamela's closet. I ended up borrowing a black skirt and some sweet black boots (which I'm wearing today – she said she rarely wears them so I don't have to rush to get them back to her). I am seeing her on Saturday, though, so I'll return everything then. I'm going to miss these boots.

From there it was on to the fundraiser dinner dance for my cousin's band. He's in the jazz band (first trombone) and the marching band at his high school. He's very good, if I do say so myself. I guess the football team was going to be playing a Canadian team (this is new as we never played Canadian teams). He found out on the bus that he had to play "O Canada." He learned it and played solo in front of the opposing team's grandstand and got a standing ovation, from what I understand. Someone there that day heard him and recommended him to one of the trombonists with the DSO and my cousin is now taking lessons from the DSO guy.

Sunday was yet another busy not at home all day long day. Left for Mass at 9:30 and that was it for the next 13.5 hours! From church (where my scuba stalker informed me during the Kiss of Peace that he was receiving a message telephatically from Berkeley), I went to a friend's to watch the F1 race from Malaysia where we were both exceedingly disappointed to see Kimi going out on the first (maybe second) lap. Then the driver I had chosen as my second favorite driver, Nico Rosberg (come on, he's Keke's son, how could I not root for him?), had a massively blown engine. I haven't seen an engine blow like that in quite some time! I was pleased with the podium, however, since there was no sign of JPM or The Chin (damn, that website is enough to make you throw up, maybe I should link you to wikipedia instead. It's not as vomit-inducing. For those who care (I think it's only you, Smed and Woof), Giancarlo Fisichella won with his teammate and last year's World Champion, Fernando Alonso in 2nd and Jenson Button in 3rd. Next race is Australia in two weeks! Yay!!!

When the race was over and I had enjoyed the post race press conference comments, I headed off to Grandma's to spend the day hanging with the aunts. Throughout the rest of the day various and sundry family members showed up and we ate and chatted and goofed off. It was a nice day, but I didn't get home until 10:30 as I am the designated massage therapist for the family. I started with my cousin's boyfriend, J and worked my way through two aunts, cousin, Grandma, Grandma's husband, Mom and I'm sure somebody else. I was darn tired by the time I got home.

Yesterday, you'll all be so proud of me, I went to the gym after work. Woohoo!!! I hadn't been in about a month, so I only did 30 minutes on the elliptical. The plan is to go back today and maybe up the time to 45 minutes. And then I'll head over to the BAB's because the aunts will be there before they leave tomorrow. Last night I finished watching all of the Special Features on the Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room DVD and it just made me hate Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling all the more. I'm tempted to pick up the book as Enron was one of our clients when I worked at the consulting firm, maybe I can find it at half.com.

I would normally bitch about the weather here (the RealFeel temp was 11˚F when I walked in this morning), but I would feel beyond lame doing so considering that Trinamick is dealing with two friggin' feet of the white shit. More power to you, Trina!


At Tuesday, 21 March, 2006, Blogger trinamick said...

There should be a place that says Post and Comment Options. If you click on that, you can change the date & time.

At Wednesday, 22 March, 2006, Blogger MJW said...

"One of [Perry's] books, Island, ... is out of print and is going for upwards of $19."

Why must you continually encourage the broken record in me, Kathleen?

Let me say it again: Giant metropolitan public library! LOL!

On the off chance that your public library doesn't have it, they will almost certainly get it via inter-library loan for your for a dollar or three.

By the way, bunches of that snow you mention landed here in western Nebraska too. It fell for almost three days straight and was quite a change from our regular balmy "winter" weather.

P.S. I like the classy new look of the date/time stamp on the comments. And you also successfully changed that incorrect entry date, too. ;-)

At Thursday, 23 March, 2006, Blogger Scott said...

There isn't a book that I can't get through my library system. I looked up Island by Thomas Perry and bingo, my own local library has a copy checked in.

I live at my library. I have saved hundreds by doing so.


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