Tuesday, January 11, 2005

All sorts of extremely interesting things!

Not much happening here. The meeting I had scheduled with the bossman yesterday got canceled. Today's meeting has been postponed until tomorrow, so tomorrow will be the hell day as I have three meetings right in a row. ARGH!!! I'm so tempted to bring my knitting to the dept. meeting. Last dept. meeting I wrote a letter to McCoy, so it looked like I was being all diligent and taking notes, but people wondered what the hell I was taking notes on, so maybe knitting is better. I do take knitting to the All Hands meetings which are held in a huge meeting hall and are boring and worthless beyond belief. At least the knitting makes me feel like I've accomplished something and at the same time it keeps me awake. One of the All Hands meetings I had only enough knitting with me for about 15 minutes (really really really poor planning on my part) and the rest of the time I fought sleep, unsuccessfully. And I was right on the aisle, so I'm sure the Director caught me with my mouth hanging open a few times, I'm sure. EMBARRASSING!!!

I didn't do anything exciting last night. I didn't have any lunch and only a slice of pizza for breakfast so I was starving by the time I got home. I had dinner at 4:30, how sad and old is that??? And although my Boca burger with fake bacon and real swiss cheese tasted yummy, it was with me all night long. I don't think the fake bacon gets along with my digestive tract. How's that for sharing? I read Justine while eating dinner. When reading at lunchtime at the office, I often find myself going to dictionary.com to look words up. Last night I finally gave in and grabbed my dictionary off the bookshelf and got a pen and paper. I was going to give you all a list of the words I had to look up (and their meaning, because I'm nice like that). I, of course, didn't bring the list with me, but I remember some of the words: hebetude, caryatid, etc. I'll bring the list tomorrow along with the definition according to my Random House College Dictionary with a copyright of 1975. I can tell you that hebetude means act of being listless; or lethargy, while a caryatid is a female shaped column. Word is so pathetic, it doesn't even recognise "hebetude" as a word.

I did not work on the alpaca hat as I was so NOT in the mood to deal with teeny tiny needles. I broke out some Fun Fur and Size 10 needles and was oh so happy knitting the night away. I almost finished two skeins too. That's a productive evening!

Yesterday I bought tickets to the Champ Car race at the Milwaukee Mile for Elaine, Sara, Patty and me, so that was the excitement for the day. Of course, I've only read bad news regarding my beloved racing series in recent days, so I'm a little apprehensive. Are we going to have enough teams/drivers? The ticket box office guy told me that they added ARCA as a support race. He thought it was good news, but I'm not so sure. ARCA is a stock car series and they use different tires/rubber compounds than we do and that always fucks up the track for our guys. I hate reading bad news!!! It makes me sad and gets me all worried. And the news that Michel Jourdain, Jr. has a contract with Ford to go racing in NASCAR's Busch Grand National series does NOT MAKE ME HAPPY!!! Is he nuts? Has he not followed the careers of the other Champ Car drivers (see Scott Pruett, John Andretti, Christian Fittipaldi) who tried to make the jump to NASCAR? NASCAR's good ol' boys do not like open wheel drivers coming over and trying to make a name for themselves. They have a tendency to put them into the wall!!! And if you don't believe me, check out the Busch February Daytona race from a few years back when Jimmy Vasser was going to run just a few Busch races that season. With a few laps to go he was running 6th ahead a whole lot of Busch and Winston Cup (as it was then called) regulars. Todd Bodine very neatly put Jimmy into the wall to save them the embarrassment of being beaten by a pansy open-wheel guy. He was the only Bodine I didn't despise up to that point, but he almost surpassed his brother Geoff on my shit list that day. And he's still there. Poor losers!!! You'd think they'd welcome the competition and opportunity to show that they're the better drivers (not that I'd give it much credence considering all the differences between the series and cars), but still fair competition is just not done when it comes to getting rid of somebody they don't like. Of course, we all know that the reason Michel is being welcomed with open arms by the NASCAR higher-ups is because Busch is making a foray into Mexico soon (if not this year) and the best way to ensure a good attendance is to have a Mexican driver. NASCAR is nothing if not marketing savvy. Buena suerte, Michel, te extrañaré.


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