Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Prop 1, Annam, and the Night Stalker

Well, yesterday I said was leaning toward voting YES on Proposal 1, but I've read even more stuff this morning and now I’m leaning toward NO. I figure if it's important, then they'll put the measure before us again, but this time will include the provisions to protect the State Lottery and eliminate the loophole that would give the three Detroit casinos a monopoly, i.e., the right to expand willy-nilly.

Then again, I'm sure someone out there has better information and can tell me why I should vote for it. Bring it on, people!!!! I have no issues with any of the other proposals/issues on the ballot, just this one.

I just read an article about a keychain fob that is a remote to turn off TVs. What a fabulous concept!!!! I don't know how many times I've been in an airport or doctor's office with the TV freaking blasting while I'm trying to read a book. Of course, I guess I'd prefer one that controls the volume, but turning them off wouldn't be a bad thing at all!!!

And there's nothing like a Good Samaritan story to restore a little of your faith in human beings. Kudos to you, Ismael Baeza, for helping out and taking care of people who needed you!

Last night Brian and I went out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Annam. In this review, you can see a corner of Brian and the back of my head at the second table in the accompanying picture. He had given me a gift certificate for my birthday, so I called him yesterday to see if he wanted to use it with me. Our waitress was as gracious as always. NOT! It's not that she's rude, necessarily, but let's just say her perfect face hasn't cracked a smile in many many many years. I mean, she knows exactly what I want, but her "B3?" doesn't come with even a hint of a smile. And then she tried to kick us out without getting dessert, but we weren't having that. Brian was looking forward to the coconut ice cream and I was looking forward to the fried banana, and dammit, we made sure we got it!!! The owner is always so nice and smiles when she sees me and asks how am I or how another friend is (we used to come in quite often).

After I got home I watched what seems to be my favorite channel, A&E. I can't help it, I love true crime shows, especially the ones where the criminals get caught! I love Cold Case Files!!!! And even though I usually end up not caring at all about the Biography person, last night it was Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker. Oh yeah, that's right. I remember now that I wanted to rant a bit about this! I'm sorry, but if you are a dumbass fake red-headed fat bitch who thinks that Richard Ramirez is a beautiful person, inside and out, I do hope you go through with your plans to kill yourself the day he is executed, because you're too stupid to live. I'm talking about the woman who married him after he had been arrested and convicted of murdering something like 16 people, raping females from the age of 6 to 84 and various other heinous crimes, and praises Satan. That's prime marriage material right there! I don't even believe in capital punishment (ends up costing more through all their appeals and such than just to put them in the regular prison population until they die, and a whole hosts of other reasons), and I don't think that killing him is going to do anything that life in prison wouldn't do, except that he has to live with the thought of his crimes for the rest of his life. Then again, this person is so vile, I don't think he thinks about them. At any rate, the female who married this animal does not deserve to be called a woman and she can off herself at any fucking time!


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