Thursday, October 21, 2004

Badass Mood and Boston kicks the Yankees' collective asses!

I'm in a piss-poor mood this morning, so be prepared. No, I was NOT in a bad mood yesterday. I just hate stupid fucking people. That's entirely different.

I’m in a "I'm fat, ugly and unloveable mood" today. Hmm, wish I had The Smiths Louder than Bombs CD here so I could listen to Unloveable. I think I'll need to drag that CD out. I should give PlanetUron a break. Then again, I listened to my new Ministry CD yesterday for ten straight hours. I was dancing in my seat all day and I didn't care who saw me. And on Monday I listened to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Gotta love Bowie!

I was a complete lame-ass last night. I didn't go to the bowling alley to see my cousin because I was tired and cranky. In fact, I went to bed at 8:00 p.m.! It's really amazing to me how tired pain can make a person. My stupid knee was just killing me yesterday. I would be walking along, no pain and all of a sudden it would flare-up and it fucking hurt! I called my doctor but the receptionist was swamped and never called me back.

I just want some holistic/homeopathic remedies for arthritis pain. I don't trust pharmaceutical companies since they seem to be paying off the FDA to get drugs approved w/o proper testing (see: Vioxx), so I don't want a prescription for some arthritis medicine. My friend Paula suggested that I take fish oil, but being a vegetarian I'm inclined to find a different route first. So, if you have any ideas, please let me know! I'm tired of my fucking knee hurting!

I only knitted about 3 rows on the baby blanket last night. How lame could I be??? I got on-line and played lame Yahoo Games and talked to a friend in Yahoo messenger. It was someone I hadn't talked to in AGES, so it was nice to catch up with him and to see that he hadn't changed at all. Then I spent a little time at They're already talking about going to Long Beach which isn't until March or April. So I got all jealous because I want to go to Long Beach, dammit!!!

The weekend is looking to be a good one though. I have lunch plans tomorrow with Malcolm whom I haven't seen in forever! He moved into the Dearborn Apartments in July or August of 1996, right across the hall from me. I then moved to SF in September of 1996. I had a crush on him, but I got over it, which is a good thing because I don't think he was ever interested in me (you know, like most men). I think the thing that interested me the most was his 1967 MGB. *sigh* It was such a cute car. Actually, he still has it, so it still is a cute little car! He said he has four British sports cars now but didn't tell me what they were. I know he had a Triumph in pieces in his apt., so I'm assuming that's one of them. Well, lunch plans have changed. I just got an e-mail from him saying he can't make it. We'll try again next week.

Tomorrow night is the DSO with Suzy. They're playing some lovely Beethoven. You can't go wrong with Beethoven, in my book. I have to talk to Suzy, but I think we're having dinner first at my favorite restaurant or Union Street. Oooh, or there's Agave. YUM! So many good restaurant choices in Downtown Detroit!!! I do know that we will NOT be eating at the Majestic Café as it pretty much sucks. Don't believe the hype on their website. I haven't had a good meal there since it changed its name. And I know Suzy ate there this past summer and I believe I heard the words "moldy pita bread" were used to describe part of the dinner which I'm thinking isn't all that appetizing or yummy.

I was checking out the shows that will be playing at the Majestic Theatre (where Houdini performed his last show before dying in a Detroit hospital) and saw that Laibach is coming…but the same freaking night as the Skinny Puppy show at the State. Dammit!!!! And knowing me, I won't find anybody who wants to go to either show (without making me go to the Pixies with them) and I'll end up not going to either show. Of course, I probably have symphony tix for that night anyway. Woohoo! No symphony that night! Now to find somebody who wants to see Skinny Puppy! Only $20 for the show! Those are my kind of 80s ticket prices right there.

Saturday I'm so busy that I can't even believe it. Lansing yarn store, back to Detroit to see my 14-year-old niece decked out looking like she's 25 for Homecoming and then out to Ann Arbor by 6:30 for a Meet-and-Greet. My friend Andrew's fiancée has come to town and he wants to get a group together to meet her. I hate Ann Arbor, for the record.

And then there's Sunday. My sister is running in the Detroit Free Press Marathon and she wants me to come down and cheer for her and greet her at the finish line. She said I did not have to come for the 7:30 a.m. start. Good thing. The problem is that I really don't want to go at all, and since I have no good reason, except that I really don't want to, I'll end up going down there. *sigh*

The good thing about Sunday is that the second to last Champ Car race of the season (Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, Australia) will be on Spike TV at 4:00 p.m. I'll have the VCR set, just in case, but I better freaking be home by then! It's not like Meg's going to be in any condition to anything. She's always a complete wreck after a marathon, swearing she's never going to do another one. She said that after the Freep's marathon back in 2000 and her running friends were all a bit panicked about it. I told them that she says that after every marathon, so don't freak out, she'll do another one. Earlier this year she said she's going to limit herself to one a year, so I guess she realised saying she's never going to do another one is just ridiculous.

After Australia the last Champ Car race of the season is Mexico City on November 7. Damn, I so want to go to this race, but it's just not feasible this year. Next year I'm buying all the vacation time which I'm allowed and I'm going to Mexico for the race!!!! Of course, I'm still waiting, along with the rest of the die-hard Champ Car fans, for the bloody schedule to be released! Supposedly they're going to release it this weekend. About bloody time. At one point they said it was going to be out in early September, and here it is mid-October and I'm still waiting. I need to start figuring out which races I'm attending. The TV package has somewhat been announced, at least 7 races on CBS with the rest on Speed or Fox Sports. We shall see!

The best sports news of the day is, of course, the Red Sox annihilating the hated Yankees in Game 7 at Yankee Stadium. Go BoSox!!!!! I don't care that much about baseball, but there's no hockey and I care enough to hate the Yankees and want Boston to beat The Curse. Tonight's game I'm rooting for St. Louis and wholeheartedly against Roger Clemens. But in the World Series, I'm hoping against hope that Boston wins and all those Yankees fans who are out there hoping for the Curse to continue can eat their sweat-stained Yankees hats! So there! Pppphhhhfffffttttt!


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