Friday, November 07, 2008

Politics, Keith, Books, Grandma and Mom

Bloody hell, I think Trina's posting more often than I am. And that's pathetic, since she actually told us she was taking time off…I'm just lazy and disappear for ages.

I started an entry last Wednesday but didn't get more than three sentences written, so I just scrapped it as not worth the effort. If you know me, you know I was thrilled by last Tuesday's results. I actually stayed up and watched the returns come in and the speeches. I was impressed by McCain's concession speech, typically described as the "old John McCain." Having never stayed up to watch before I was scared that I was going to be subjected to Caribou Barbie, but thankfully, there is no precedence for the losing VP to speak. Praise God. ;-) Of course, she's more than made up for it since then, hasn't she? I was so ready for her to go away!

How many of you watched Countdown with Keith Olbermann last Monday? The reason I mention it is because a woman here in the metropolitan Detroit area had made the news (at least, countrywide) for refusing to give small children candy on Halloween if their parents weren't voting for her candidate. Swear to God, she turned away 4 year olds!!!! Anyway, I just knew that Keith was going to make her the Worst Person in the World and I was right. The sad thing is that I'll bet she still thinks she was right to do it. Did she have the right to do it, heck yes, but was it the "right" thing to do? Hell no! What kind of evil person makes small children cry? Honestly.

Last night's Special Comment was brilliant as he takes on Prop. 8. You can tell that he's very upset, and I think he's *this* close to crying or getting very angry and trying really hard to maintain control. He asks the same questions I've been asking for years, but way better than I ever have.

It's the twelfth day of November and I'm just getting around to telling you what I read and watched last month.


The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – 642 pages - Heather read it a year or so ago and highly recommended it. Soon thereafter I found a hardcover first edition for $6, so I picked it up, but I never got around to reading it because it wasn't a good size for reading on the treadmill. I figured it'd be a good book for the trip to SF and Vegas and while I did do a lot of knitting on the plane, I also read a bit. Normally, I wouldn't say I have any great appreciation for Dracula books, but this book sucked me in and I quite enjoyed it. I've already recommended it to Beth because she talked about vampire books recently. Anyway, it was a very well written book, which is very important.

The Clue of the Dancing Puppet #39 by Carolyn Keene – 177 pages – Classic Nancy Drew and one that I hadn't read a thousand times, so the story wasn't completely familiar to me which was kind of nice.

Book of the Month - The Historian

I'll work on the Movie list soon...I have a stupid headache and just can't think that hard right now. I watched a good five or six movies and even went to a couple of live concerts. Tres exciting. I know you'll be looking forward to that - whenever I freaking get to it.

Grandma Update

She's pretty well ensconced in her old folks' home apartment and I think accepting it a bit more. She held bridge with "the girls" for the first time since March when she broke her tibial plateau this past Monday. Mom, YS and I helped Grandma set up on Sunday and she told me today that it helped immensely as she wasn't sure she would have gotten everything done in time.

Grandma's doing super fabulously, so now I need to ask for your thoughts and prayers for Mom. Her recent mammogram found a very small lump. She's having a biopsy on Monday and they say that if they extract liquid, it's all good and no big deal. If they are unable to extract liquid, they'll use a bigger needle and then if necessary (i.e., no liquid), they'll take three chunks (about the size of a grain of rice). She didn't sound worried when I talked to her, but the YS said that Mom is pretty worried. And then after Mom told me about that, she said, "And Tuesday, I'm having eye surgery." WTF? The woman is impossible! The surgery isn't serious or eyesight threatening, so that's good, but, please keep my Mom in your thoughts, prayers, etc. this coming Monday and Tuesday. I greatly appreciate it.

And now it's time for some Aleve and my bed.

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At Thursday, 13 November, 2008, Blogger Rick said...

So happy you posted - I was getting worried about you :^)

I'll be keeping your mom in my thoughts - hope all works out.

We'll be in town 12/24-27. Christmas is, of course, spoken for, but hope we can get together on the 26th or 27th......

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Jorge said...

I promised to stop talking politics and I shall keep my promise.

The following is not intended to be political.

I heard about the candy lady and work. And one of my coworkers, like you, called her evil.

And that was where I disagreed. Crazy? At least a little. Stupid? Without a doubt. But I don't think I can make a case for evil.

I hope Mom does well. What kind of eye surgery is she having? It might be my SIL or her Dad who's doing it.

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'll be thinking of your mom. Glad to see you around again!

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

Rick - You could call... ;-) Yeah, Christmas is spoken for here, too. 26th or 27th is fine right now. Which is better for you?

Jorge - I don't think that what that woman did was political...she's just a nasty bit of work. Perhaps not true evil, but she's reaching for it. She's definitely a bitch. It's not going to be on her actual eyeballs - her eyelids apparently droop and they're going to fix one at a time. Her surgery is going to be held at 12 Mile and Little Mack.

ETW - Thanks. I really appreciate it.

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger LL said...

Yay! No catblogging! :P

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

LL - Don't tempt me!

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Jorge said...

That's their office. Her Doc is either going to be my brothers father in law or one other guy.

FIL's first name is Frank and the other guy is Will.

At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Jorge said...

Oh, and just to get you back:

It's a small world, after all.
It's a small world, after all.
It's a small world, after all.
It's a small, small world.


At Friday, 14 November, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

Jorge - I'll ask Mom the dr.'s name. I think she told me the other day, but forget what she said. Thanks for the song. ;-)

At Saturday, 15 November, 2008, Blogger fermicat said...

I hadn't heard about the mean candy woman. Talk about taking things too far...

They let you take knitting needles on an airplane? Color me surprised.

Glad to hear that grandma is well. I wish your mom well and hope it turns out to be nothing troublesome.

At Saturday, 15 November, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

Fermi - Oh yeah, it surprises lots of people, but yes, you can take knitting needles on planes. Thank heavens!!! I believe there was a short period of time after 9/11 that you couldn't, but I wasn't flying then. Thanks for the good thoughts for Mom and Grandma.

At Saturday, 15 November, 2008, Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

I just came back from an anti-Prop 8 protest. It was cool. People everywhere and lots of cars honking their horns in support.

As you know, I was very unhappy with last election. Nothing or no one I voted for won. :(
Of course I don't expect a 3rd party Presidential candidate to win, but I can still complain. ;)

Well, I should have done the same thing for Halloween, but nobody came by. Not one kid. Dammit. Now I'm stuck with 5 pounds of candy (we got a generic 5 pound bag and I was going to give kids a big heap but oh well).

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your mother. Yikes! Too much. Hope the lump was nothing. One of my blogging buddy's wife just had a lump removed. It was nothing, but they did it to be safe.

At Saturday, 15 November, 2008, Blogger dr sardonicus said...

I'll keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Too much of that going around as it is.

At Saturday, 15 November, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

Amen, good Dr. I'm sorry if I saddened you with memories.

At Tuesday, 18 November, 2008, Blogger Heather said...

Prayers for Mom incoming - - -

I'm so glad you liked The Historian. I just thoroughly enjoyed that book!! She had my dream job! ha!


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