Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Latest Grandma Update, Knitting, Long Beach

Sorry for my absence, but for the first time I can remember I think I'm suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I need warmth and sun…the warmth from the sun. I've never discounted SAD's existence before, but I never thought I suffered from it. This winter, though, has put me over the edge. I'm always tired, I don't feel like doing anything. I don't want to leave my apt. once I'm home. I don't feel like working when I'm at work. I don't feel like blogging or reading blogs. It's really pathetic. I need SUMMER!!!

I had Good Friday and Easter Monday off work which was nice. Grandma is doing quite well. She had surgery on the Tuesday before Easter, as you know, and the hospital released her on Good Friday. I slept in Friday but made it to church by a little after twelve noon (had to stop by the University to pick up hockey tickets from a friend) – they were on the second station of the cross when I got there. After the service was over (only day of the year when there is no Mass in a Catholic church – little trivia there for you – I won a bet on that once), I went to Target (not my usual one and it was stupid busy) and then Mom called to say Grandma was being moved right then, so I headed up to the rehab place. I beat her there as her ambulance driver didn't have a clue how to get to the place, so he decided to go up Greenfield from the hospital to 13 Mile Road and then west to Meadowbrook Road. Yes, theoretically it's direct, but it's not the fastest way to get there. When they finally arrived, Grandma said, "I think we came by way of Toledo." I was amused but I'm not sure the ambulance guys were.

We got Grandma settled in and stood and chatted for a while, until I decided the snow was coming down a little too hard for my peace of mind and I said my good-byes. It wasn't as white-knuckle driving as when I had to take the YS to the airport back in December, but it wasn't the best time ever, either. Thankfully, Saturday was warm-ish (low 40s?), so driving to Knitting Club that night wasn't a problem. The city where EGC lives has a snow rule, so one whole side of EGC's street is forbidden. I proved my parallel parking skills by getting into the tightest damn spot. I might have had a couple of inches on both ends of the car. I rock.

I started knitting a sweater/bed jacket for Grandma that night. Soyon brought me some patterns and I picked one that looked easy. You can see it here (third picture down in blue). It's not going to be that long, obviously, since it is a bed jacket and Grandma's only 4'7". I've already ripped the damn thing completely out as it was going to be way too long. I've started shaping the armholes for the back piece, and figured out it's still going to be too long, but hopefully only by an inch or so. I'm not ripping it out again.

I took a break from the bed jacket this weekend to knit a scarf as a housewarming gift. I had a housewarming party to attend on Saturday and wanted to knit something for the "lady of the house." I didn't finish it in time, and was hoping to finish it by today so I could give it to Katie this afternoon, but it didn't happen. I went to the Red Wings game on Sunday (they won in OT – woohoo) and that took up quite a few hours, and then yesterday I was visiting Grandma and this particular pattern needs my attention. I kept messing up and having to take rows out one stitch at time so that I wouldn't have to rip the entire thing out. I ended up working on the bed jacket so that I wasn't wasting time while visiting with Grandma. ARGH! I didn't get home until 9:30 which is bedtime, so it's not done. Darn it!!!

Grandma has only been in physical therapy for a week, but she's making great progress. They're teaching her how to use the walker to support herself as she hops to get from point A to point B. I met a lady with whom Grandma has PT and she told the OS and me that Grandma has progressed very quickly and that she was very impressed with Grandma's accomplishments. She gets out of bed with a minimum of help and is just doing really, really well. Even though she's making friends at the facility, she can't wait to get home and be on her own again. It's good to have a goal.

Grandma's not allowed to put any weight on her right leg for six weeks (I guess we're down to 4 weeks, now). She figured out yesterday that she's more than likely not going on our trip to CA in 3 weeks. She's bummed because she really wanted to surprise the LB for his b-day. I was really looking forward to it, too. I now need to call the airline or Travelocity and see if we can get a voucher for the ticket, so Grandma isn't out the money and can get to CA eventually.

I leave two weeks from tomorrow for Long Beach. While I'm looking forward to the trip, I'm also dreading it as that's when IT will really be over. Supposedly, the first Icky Racing League race of the season was this past weekend. I had a party to attend that night, not that I would have watched anyway, but HRH tried to watch it and she said it just brought it all home to her that our series is really over. It upset her so much she couldn't even sleep that night. A bigwig at work (who back when the takeover was announced argued with me that there would still be a race in Cleveland and all this other stuff, he simply refused to believe that someone who didn't wear a suit to work might actually know more about something) yesterday asked me "Did you watch the race?" I replied, "There wasn't a race." He just laughed. I didn't.

I know that at some point I will need to "get over it," but I'm not ready yet. HRH's trying to get me to go to Charlotte for the 600…I wouldn't bet money on it happening, but never say never, right?

I hope all is well with everybody. It'll probably take me a little while to catch up as I've been lax for the past couple of weeks, but I trust comments will be popping up around the blogging world.

Waiting for summer….

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At Tuesday, 01 April, 2008, Blogger fermicat said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well with Grandma, but sorry that she won't be well enough to travel with you. And snow?!? Good grief! It is already spring here, and we probably won't even get another frost. No wonder you have a touch of S.A.D.

That is why I am sending you to this site: The Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art. I think you (and Beth) will like it! Next time you are looking for some inspiration... who knows? Maybe we will see one of your works of knitting art in there!

At Tuesday, 01 April, 2008, Blogger dr sardonicus said...

I think the whole blogosphere has Seasonal Affective Disorder. Glad to hear your grandma's doing better.

At Tuesday, 01 April, 2008, Blogger LL said...

Damn... your back. And I was just getting ready to google you too... :P

I keep telling you... NASCAR's where it's at babe. ;)

At Tuesday, 01 April, 2008, Blogger Dave said...

Glad to hear of Grandma's progress.

I'm vaguely aware of the "other" racing controversy; but, I've never been an open wheel fan.

I stopped going to NASCAR races a couple of years ago. I was a, I guess, personality fan. When Dale died, others retired, and the kids started winning, I lost interest.

That said, Charlotte would be a spectacle for you. If you can, get an infield pass so you can pass among the masses - amazing stuff.

And given snow at Easter, I guaran-damn-tee (my attempt at Southern) good weather for Charlotte.

At Tuesday, 01 April, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

Fermi - Yeah, the snow is ridiculous, especially for someone like me who HATES snow and even thinks the whole White Christmas thing to be complete BS. I'm perfectly happy with a Green Christmas. Thanks, I'll check that website out tomorrow. I'm heading to bed. I doubt you'll ever see my knitting anywhere but here! ;-)

Dr. - Thanks. I hope your wife is doing okay.

LL - Not sure what you'd find if you googled me, but I'm not sure it would be interesting. I've seen more NASCAR races than most of the new "fans." I just have no interest.

Dave - I lost what little interest I had in NASCAR when Dale died, too. And I hated him. I just can't muster any interest for the new kids, either. I totally miss Mark Martin. Maybe if Adam hadn't been killed, but who's to know? And now that Toyota is in there? Not happening. I work for an auto company...and it might just be an American one.

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger LL said...

I dunno... I did see your pic holding a certain smoking fish cap here recently though...

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger Sal said...

Your Grandma is so resilient, that's fabulous! Too bad she can't make it to the birthday.

Sounds like you feel about racing the same way I do chocolate, which that nasty white substance isn't. I totally get it now.

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger Kathleen said...

LL - Hmm, didn't realise you were a regular JK reader...

Sal - I completely agree with you on white chocolate - read the ingredients people - no cocoa in it anywhere!!!

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger LL said...

Not exactly regular... but I hit it.

What really surprised me is that his list of "friends" is a lot like my blogroll!

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger LL said...

Oh... and that first post is supposed to be "you're back"... I... uh... did that on purpose. Yeah. On purpose. *whistles innocently*

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger MW said...

I was beginning to wonder if you had taken a vacation from blogging (unlike yours truly, who blogs prolifically ;-).

Your grandma reminds me of what I believe I will be like at that age (if I reach that age): determined to prove -- and being successful at proving -- that I am still physically capable of overcoming any and all physical limitations that may afflict me.

As for the rest of your blog entry, I cannot comment on the knitting, and I will not comment on the racing for fear of writing the wrong thing, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. ;-)

At Wednesday, 02 April, 2008, Blogger Fantasy Writer Guy said...

You're not missing anything over at FWG. All is well - and uneventful - with me.


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