Thursday, October 28, 2004

Eminem and the Christian Right

Eminem has a new video out. Just so you know, I'm not what you would call an Eminem fan. I don't hate him like some people, and I'm not into rap music, but I did like 8 Mile and I've liked at least one of his songs over the years, but this video is unbelievably powerful. I damn near cried while watching it. Even moby, whom we all know has had issues over the years with the Detroit homeboy, has come out in support of this video and said, "is the best thing that i've seen all year. it's an amazing song and an even more amazing video."

I found this to be an interesting story by Glenn Scherer. I got it from Grist Magazine and his theory of why, perhaps, "politicians endorsed by far-right fundamentalist Christian groups are remarkably consistent in voting against environmental protections. Why would that be? Perhaps because they believe, as Reagan-era Interior Secretary James Watt once put it, 'After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back.' In other words, environmental destruction merely serves as a harbinger of the End Times, when righteous Christians will be lifted to heaven. These views are not held just by a few fringe types, but by a large and influential voting bloc that backs more than 40 percent of the members of Congress, including much of its leadership."

Well, I've been put in charge of gathering different reports, so I guess I better figure out what the hell I have sitting in these stupid piles on my desk!!!


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