Monday, August 30, 2004

Where did summer come from???

Well, it was a long weekend!!! Busy busy busy!! But then what else is new with my life? Somehow, without even trying, I always have something to do I am actually looking forward (a little bit, just a little bit) to winter when I hibernate and try NOT to leave the house.

Thursday I had dinner plans with a friend who left today for NYC where he's going to be doing missionary type work. I unfortunately don't have any details because he canceled on me saying he wasn't in the right frame of mind for company and that he wouldn't be a good dinner companion. He apologised profusely and I told him it was no problem. I'm lame enough to think that any time I get to stay home and knit is good time! And that's what I did. I finished the trashy book I was reading (I had finished Dan Brown's Deception Point at lunchtime and wasn't in the mood to start anything major) and then I went into the living room and plopped myself on the couch to knit (I was making an adorable pink/purple Bernat Boa poncho for a co-worker's 3-year old daughter) and then decided to watch Rabbit-Proof Fence, one of my Netflix DVDs. It's a very good movie and I recommend it. It's a tad depressing as it's a true story about three aboriginal (half-caste) girls in Australia taken from their aboriginal mother and placed in this orphanage type place and how they returned home via the "rabbit-proof fence" that ran 1500 miles. Very well done. Check it out.

Friday was errand day. Summer finally arrived in Michigan – full-force, which means the heat and the humidity were both about 85. And what a day to discover that the AC in your car isn't working. My head was sweating so badly, it was just horrible. I didn't completely all of my errands though (never did make it to the grocery store or the farm market). I went to Target for sundry things, PetSmart for litter and cat food (and to play with the sweet little orphaned cats), and then on to Jo-Ann's for more of the pink/purple Bernat Boa. I was totally late for my orthotics appointment. It was scheduled for noon, but the way the appt. reminder card was written out it looked like 2:00 p.m. I was mortified as my sister knows the orthoticist. Thankfully, the real 2:00 appointment was late, so he got me in and out quickly. I had to laugh though as he looked at my red Chucks and said, "Are those really all you ever wear?" He doesn't feel my Chucks are the right shoe, but hell, my orthotics fit in them with relative comfort, so I'm going for it. I told him that these are what I wear in the summer (other than sandals, and I wasn't going there). I think he's really looking forward to winter when I wear "better" shoes. I've seen him four times now and three of those times I was wearing Chucks (my all black ones, my green hemp ones and now the red ones) and the first day I was wearing sandals and he about had a cow. I'm thinking he must avert his eyes from people's feet when out in public because hell, some shoes that people wear make me think "What the hell were they thinking?"

Friday night I had a golf outing banquet to attend. My University has an alumni scholarship fundraiser every year which is this golf outing. It was originally scheduled for May 21, but May was a very very wet month for the Detroit area and the outing got canceled since the golf course and parking lot were flooded. Glen and Julie had very generously bought a table of 8 and asked if we wanted to attend as Doug Brown (retired from the Detroit Red Wings) was the guest speaker. I was pretty excited as I always liked Doug Brown and this is the closest I've ever been to a Red Wing. Dinner was utterly fabulous, as long as you aren't a vegetarian. Steak, chicken, vegetables cooked to mush and a baked potato. I gave Brian my chicken, while Glen got my steak, and I got Glen's veggies and baked potato. After dinner, Doug got up and spoke and took questions from the audience. One of the guys there was completely drunk and a complete freaking loser, or as Brian termed it, "a tool." He asked Doug Brown how playing at the University of Michigan prepared him for "the bigs" Yo, jackass, the bigs is a term used in baseball and did you listen to the guy who announced Doug, you know, the guy who said, "Doug graduated from Boston College?" Dipshit. Sometimes, the University of Michigan adulation by some of its graduates is just pathetic. It's like, get a freaking life, people, it was fucking college! And you graduated 30 flipping years ago!!!!!! MOVE ON!

After the banquet a few of us went to Glen and Julie's and just hung out and talked. It was a nice and laid-back evening and the best part? Besides spending time with friends? Glen and Julie's house is air-conditioned!!! Unlike my car or my apartment. ;-)

Overall, it was a good day, except for that whole sweating to death thing!!!


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