Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacationing in a Flood Zone

I have proven my drought-breaking abilities once again. I have an airline ticket to Atlanta tomorrow...and if you've been paying attention, you'll know that they've been getting shitloads of rain and been suffering from floods. I'm so excited to be spending my vacation in a flood zone and more than likely a quagmire of mud at Road Atlanta.

You're probably wondering about my claim of drought-breaking. Well, a good 20+ years ago California was suffering from a drought. I made plans to go and visit my aunts in SoCal and NorCal....and it rained the entire freaking time I was there. It started in Los Angeles (where I also started) and it followed me to San Francisco. It rained the entire time I was there, after a few years worth of drought.

Essentially, I'm just letting you know why I won't be posting - all three of you readers who are left. ;-)

Have a great weekend and please pray that somehow Road Atlanta dries up really quickly and I won't be traipsing through mud for the entire time I'm there.

Oh, and the ENTIRE TEN HOURS of Petit Le Mans will be broadcast live on Speed Channel, so check it out for a few minutes on Saturday.


At Tuesday, 22 September, 2009, Blogger fermicat said...

I'm going to personally have you muck out my basement. Or, just meet for dinner. You decide. :-)

At Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, Blogger LL said...

Don't do it! It's a trap!!!

Have fun Kath!

At Thursday, 24 September, 2009, Blogger dr sardonicus said...

There's more than three. I'm guessing you might still have six...

At Saturday, 26 September, 2009, Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

You need to come here. I'd take a flood over this almost 100 degree weather. I went outside to do some shopping and it sucked.

At Sunday, 27 September, 2009, Blogger Kathleen said...

Fermi - I wish we could have met up for dinner. Next time.

LL - I would have mucked out Fermi's basement!

Dr S - I seem to have lost Dr. Jenn. ;-)

ZS - Thursday and Friday were close to 90F and sunny - I loved it. Yesterday I got to see about 3.5 hours of the race before it got rained out. ;-( Stupid thunder and lightning.

At Sunday, 27 September, 2009, Blogger Jorge said...

When I was a kid my father bought a pop-up camper with the plan of taking it on vacations all over the country.

When he took delivery it was raining so hard they had to show us how to put it up in their garage/warehouse.

The first time we went camping it rained so hard all weekend that we couldn't leave to pee. We just used a bucket and emptied it when it became unbearable.

For the next five years wherever we went we never once folded it up dry. It might not rain when we arrived (like when there was a drought in Montana) but is was raining when we left.

We once had to move the thing away from the Chesapeake bay in Maryland when rain threatened to wash our campsite into the bay. I also recall another time on that trip when we were ankle deep in standing water when we folded it up after a night of rian.

One time, in July, we had to brush the snow! off of it before putting it away.

Every time we came back we had to set it up in our driveway to dry the canvas before storing it in the garage.

After 5 or so years of that Dad sold it and our streak of rainy vacations ended.

At Sunday, 27 September, 2009, Blogger Dr Jenn said...

you have not lost me! I have been running a 100 mph in reverse for the last (decade) few weeks! LOL.

I feel your rain pain. Our ground is so saturated it is like walking on an astro sponge.

I published an update of a few tid-bits of hell based on this last week alone, lol, so if you want to fall into a fit of depression, PLEASE stop by ~a view~ LOL.

Pbbblbbth. You have more then 3 readers! I don't. If it were not for Doc checking my site meter on a regular basis, I don't think my ticker would be moving at all!

At Sunday, 27 September, 2009, Blogger Dr Jenn said...

you waited what... 10 days to update from your last post?

double pbblbbth.

At Monday, 28 September, 2009, Blogger Kathleen said...

Jorge - Okay, you beat me. ;-)

Dr. J - There you are!!! I'll be by soon. I'm a horrible blog reader of late. ;-) 10 days is really good for me.

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